Monday, August 9, 2021

Answers To An Inquiry Regarding Stability/Sizing

 Responses to 8/9/2021 inquiry:

I've inserted answers your questions below.
On Sun, Aug 8, 2021 at 10:45 PM, inquirer wrote:
Hi I'm thinking of getting one of these. I saw your blog and read it all. I had a few questions

1. Im 6'1" , do you think it will be comfortable to pedal for me (is the position adjustable)?

I'm also 6'1 and the pedal is VERY fact, it can be adjusted too far away for me to comfortably pedal.  For smaller operators, it needs to be as near the seat at it will slide.

2. How stable is it , it looks like you could stand on it comfortably due to its catamaran Hull design

Super stable.  Everyone I've had on it agrees...not like a regular kayak...super stable!

3. If my daughter (8yrs) wanted to hitch a ride is there space behind the seat. Do you think it would support us both. This would be very occasional 
I've had my 8 year old grandson with me...but rather than behind me, I sat him up front on a stadium seat - and it worked GREAT.  See photo below.  Now, I also tried same with my partner/girlfriend - who is small and under 120 pounds and that didn't fact, we couldn't find any position where she could also ride with me (front, back, or between my legs)...but 8 year old...great.

4. Have you had any issues with it?
No issues...other than it did not come with the transport bag ...the Portland, OR dealership (Next Adventures) checked all their supply and none came with bag. [UPDATE:  After several contacts and some delay, Riot Kayak Distributors provided me with the transport bag.  I haven't yet packed it up in the bag.]

5. Realistically how quick is it to inflate and to pack down?

Again I have video I haven't is fairly quick to deflate and inflate - compared to my inflatable SUP, it took far less pumps.  I don't remember the actual count, but they show on my video. I have deflated it and folded it...but haven't tried to rewrap it in the straps that it came in (rather than a bag). [Update: Riot Kayaks provided the bag - photo below - though I haven't yet confirmed that everything fits in it.]  I also purchased a mesh sports bag (Amazon) to carry the motor, pump, life jackets, separately.

6. In calm conditions do you feel it would be ok in the sea. 
I've only had it rivers...including wide/sometimes windy Williamette River [here in Portland, Oregon] - and it seems rock solid to me.  I'm guessing it would do well in sea...except only 8.5 feet long so it would need to be somewhat calm.

7. How well does it track in the water, does wind adversely effect its tracking

Excellent tracking though interestingly the control (mounted sideways on the chair) is labeled incorrectly and works in reverse of what I think is logically.  You pull up to go right and push down to go left.  The company didn't respond to my question about that.  Also, unlike one video I've seen - that also show the wrong length - there is no rail to mount the rudder control on the left of the it must be placed on right.

8. How rigid is the deck, is there any flex
Well, for the longest time I didn't inflate it fully and it was fine for my 195 pound body...but my brother rode at same inflation...and it started to fold slightly.  But we brought it to shore and pumped it to maximum pressure and it was sturdy for him.  I was concerned that his backward pressure on the seat really put a pull on the seat strap tie downs -- as the deck kept flat -- but everything held.  If you're closer to my weight, it will be fine.

9. Is it strong and durable. I would be using it for fishing. This means it might rub up against obstacles occasionally. Is the the construction tough (especially the hull)

Seems super strong to me...though I don't know how it would do against a sharp hook...and I wouldn't want a big dog digging nails into it - but it's definitely heavy weight.

Now, I have also mounted a trolling motor/battery on it (Amazon purchase) by creating a mounting block (I could send photo)...and it works great.  I've only been out once - but the motor lasted about 3 hours of constant running at slowest speed - and then I just removed it, put in the pedal that I sitting behind me (where I also keep cooler) and pedaled back.  It worked great.

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